Pretty Little Riverdale and the story of unsuccessful trope subversion.

I’ve never read Archie comics. I’ve only heard something or stumbled on some mentions of it in articles about history of comic books. Not that I now remember much from that reading. And I don’t think modernized TV show of those comics has any connection to source material, apart from character names, that’s why I won’t even try to read original comics.

TL;DR I am in love-to-hate relationship with CW teenage-based programming

Show is your good old young-adult aimed CW adaptation show. How delightful As I am wary of anything this channel produces post-Gossip Girl.  I’ve been unhappy and too salty by all the changes they’ve made. CW love for campaigning endgames keeps me in check. To all of that add my hatred of majority of teenage mindset portrayal. As 25-year-old I wish more than ever I’d wished as a teenager for TV show creators to aim for good teenage portrayal.   (I keep my grudge very seriously) Especially, from basic American cable. Listen. I’m just a humble foreigner dealing with mostly American progamming. I admit, that all of those decisions have an impact on other countries And also on teenagers all around the globe.

I am not denouncing the uplifting fact that all kids watch the same on the same rate. I am only denoucing and urging for a thing called a quality and standards. United States still keep a stronghold on standardizing TV quality. And adults are kept happy. For teenagers? Let’s show them how adults view them? Amirite?

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